GAIR LINHART is a writer/composer who lives in a 1906 adobe winery in rural New Mexico. He is the founder of Special Orchestra®–a non-profit which helps people with disabilities, world-wide, to know the joy of making music. Funds generated by Gair’s Creative Works are directly donated to Special Orchestra®. Music downloads and video views are FREE! > Please consider a safe, tax-deductible, Paypal Donation To Special Orchestra®, or just enjoy. Much of Gair’s inspration was forged in the gritty cultural maelstrom of his home city, East Cleveland, Ohio and in the U.K. where he experienced joys and hardships as a young songwriter and musician.

E-BOOKS – READ NOW in your prefered format: Everything That You Feel! (2020 novel) “This masterpiece takes us into the difficult, arcane world of individuals with cognitive disabilities…From its first pages, this fast-paced book helps us see real people within the damaged bodies,  the heroes of this compelling story” –Jeff Moyer, composer of the “ADA Anthem”;  School (novel) “An undiscovered Jean Shepherd / Wodehouse hybrid…five stars, all the way!” –H. Tell “I truly could not put it down…” –B. Householder; Crazy Blue City (novel) “Vivid and ever moving…pulls itself out from the book pages and into the street” –Boris Aronstein, Reflection Magazine; PoemSongs (poetry/song-lyric compilation) “Fantastic! Real Americana” –Poet Gary Stewart Chorré. “Lyrics of Woodie Guthrie” -Charlie Z. KUNM Radio, Albuquerque.

Forever Together
Hot Joint
NEW! Lookin’ In Her Eyes
New Mexico Waltz – A1 Authorized
Everything That You Feel! (with Special Orchestra®)
NEW! Socorro NM (G.L. Live)
Away Too Long

Blink And It’s Gone
Trouble Follows Me
Torn Two Ways
Once, Raven
Rounder Man
Mixed Up
Not too Late
No Pesos, No Besos
Keep On (with Special Orchestra®)
New Mexico Waltz (G.L. live)
Trouble Follows Me (G.L. live)
Perfect Heaven (live with Special Orchestra®)
Keep On (live with Special Orchestra®)

Running Out To Recess (audio-poetry compilation with photos)


MUSIC: “Heartfelt lyrics of Woody Guthrie” –Charlie Z., KUNM Radio, Albuquerque; “We have a musical monster in our midst” Mark Holan, Cleveland Scene Magazine.
Music downloads are FREE! > Please consider a safe, tax-deductible, Paypal Donation To Special Orchestra®, or just enjoy.

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NEW! Forever Together
New Mexico Waltz   Hot Joint   Not Too Late   
Everything That You Feel! (with Special Orchestra)
NEW! Away Too Long
NEW! Blink A
nd It’s Gone
NEW! Torn Two Ways 
NEW! Once

Lookin’ In Her Eyes    Beautiful Valley   
Lucky Number
  Pretty Stories
   No Pesos, No Besos
Keep On (with Special Orchestra)  
Five Dollar Bill (with The Fauves, 1982)
Rounder Man   Cheatin’ Street
Beautiful Day (with Special Orchestra) 
Mirror Behind The Bar (with The Fauves, 1982) 
Substitute Teacher    Lose Somebody’s Love
Mixed Up   Trouble Follows Me 
My Trees
   All Figured Out   When You Are In Love 
Close To The Wire
   Hard, Hard World   Rosa Luz
Sunset   Deeper Shades Of Blues  
Perfect Heaven (with Special Orchestra) 

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Music, Lyrics © Gair Linhart except: Lookin’ In Her Eyes, Mirror behind The Bar, Rosa Luz © D.S. Catlin and Gair Linhart.

All instruments by Gair Linhart except: The Fauves (Rob Lax-lead guitar, John Wagner-Farfisa Organ, Dave Pichler-bass, Michael Von Hammer-drums). Special Orchestra assisted by Joel Grieshhaber-drums.  All other drums: Charles Eaton, EXCEPT Anthony Ulibarri: Torn Two Ways, Trouble Follows Me, Blink and it’s Gone.

All Voices­ – Gair Linhart except: Special Orchestra (Kevin Lord, Bryan Castleberry, Mary Clement); Mirror behind The Bar-Abby Linhart; Beautiful Valley-Debbi Miller Gutierrez; Hot Joint, No Pesos, No Besos-Mary Clement.